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Adieu ihr schoenen Worte

Installationsansicht Installationsansicht, 2010
The work Adieu ihr schoenen Worte [Adieu, ye fair words] refers to a quotation from a volume of previously unpublished poems by Ingeborg Bachmann (1926 - 1973) whose content resembles notes in a diary. Adieu, ye fair words, with your promises. Why have you left me; were you ill at ease? (Adieu ihr schoenen Worte mit euren Verheissungen. Warum habt ihr mich verlassen. War euch nicht wohl?) Beginning with this quote a single oversized sheet of paper made out of all of Bachmann's novels, stories, poems, and other writings published in German visualizes the idea. A single page lies on the floor, apparently torn from a notebook; it contains the quote in Bachmann's hand.
Detail Detail, 2010
110 x 145 cm, handmade paper
paper with handwritten note paper with handwritten note, 2010